Mark Creech, the executive director of the Christian Action League of North Carolina, denies that sexual orientation is an immutable characteristic.

In an op-ed for the Christian Post, Creech lamented the demise of Exodus International, the “ex-gay” group whose slogan was “change is possible.”

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Creech said that Christians should reject the notion of sexual orientation, arguing that it is merely “a broad term developed in modern times to provide credence for the growing number of sexual perversions.”

“It's interesting that the concept of 'sexual orientation' is based strongly upon one's feelings,” he wrote. “How does one know one is gay? Conventional wisdom says because of the way one feels. Numerous are the individuals who have said, 'I've felt that I was gay since I was a child.' But if one felt that he or she was a squirrel, would that qualify as proof that one was justified in risking life and limb by climbing trees and eating only nuts?”

As expected, Creech did not ask himself or any straight person how they arrived at their sexuality. That is, does he believe that attraction to the opposite sex a delusion?