Former Senator Rick Santorum will address a major gathering of social conservatives in Iowa this August.

The Family Leadership Summit is co-hosted by The Family Leader, Citizens United, Heritage Action and the National Organization for Marriage (NOM). It will take place in Ames, Iowa on Saturday, August 10.

“The purpose of The Family Leadership Summit is to educate and mobilize the conservative base regarding worldview application and issues that impact the family,” The Family Leader said in an email to supporters.

“I am greatly looking forward to speaking at this year's Family Leadership Summit,” Santorum said. “This gathering of conservatives provides each of us with an opportunity to exchange ideas and discuss the path forward as we tackle the moral and cultural challenges facing our country. The Family Leader has provided exceptional leadership on these issues, and I appreciate the opportunity to join them for this year's summit.”

The Family Leader is Iowa's leading organization devoted to overturning the 2009 Iowa Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage in the state.

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The group has also invited a number of other potential 2016 GOP presidential candidates, including Senators Rand Paul, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz and Governors Bobby Jindal and Rick Perry.

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