Activists in Florida on Wednesday launched a campaign to win gay marriage in the state.

Equality Florida, the state's largest LGBT rights advocate, described the campaign, titled Get Engaged, as a “statewide call to action with the goal of securing the freedom to marry in Florida.”

The organization's executive director, Nadine Smith, announced the campaign during a conference call with reporters, the Sun-Sentinel reported.

Smith did not announce a petition drive to repeal the state's marriage ban approved by voters in 2008, but she also didn't rule it out.

“We're not in a position to say that that's the best course,” Smith said. “So I would say the best answer is we're not committed to the 2014 ballot. But every option remains on the table. It will depend on a lot of factors.”

“The path … is not yet certain.”

One thing is certain, Smith was not pinning her hopes on the Supreme Court striking down marriage bans throughout the nation.

“The heart of this effort is a public education campaign to shift public opinion,” she said. “Too many people have written off the South as the last place that justice will eventually trickle down. We aim to prove them wrong and understand that history and the numbers are now firmly on our side.”

According to a Washington Post poll released late last year, a majority (54%) of Floridians support marriage equality, while 33 percent remain opposed.