The Delaware House on Tuesday will vote on a bill aimed at prohibiting discrimination against transgender people.

The measure (Senate Bill 97) would ban discrimination based on gender identity and expression in the areas of employment, housing, insurance and public accommodations.

According to gay weekly The Washington Blade, the bill cleared the House Administration Committee on Wednesday with a 4-1 vote.

The Senate approved the measure last week and Democratic Governor Jack Markell has pledged his signature.

“We are very pleased that the bill is out of committee with a bi-partisan vote,” Equality Delaware President Lisa Goodman said. “On to the House floor, where we look forward to passage.”

Opponents of the bill have warned that it would invite sex offenders to lurk in public restrooms, endangering public safety.

“This bill makes no legal distinction between someone who is transgender and any other person who claims to be of the other sex, including predators, exhibitionists, peeping toms,” Jordan Warfel of the Christian conservative Delaware Family Policy Council, which is leading the lobbying effort to kill the bill, said during the bill's Senate committee hearing.

Proponents dismissed the claim, calling it “offensive.”

“We do not have one known case, one reported case, of a transgender individual attacking a child,” said Deputy Attorney General Patricia Dailey Lewis, director of the Department of Justice's family law section.

Sixteen states and the District of Columbia have approved similar laws protecting transgender people.