After reading an article on the Details Magazine website stating that progressive fathers accepting of gays would be uncomfortable with a gay son, Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) president John R. Cepek decided to write about his own contrary experience and has invited other dads to join him.

The article by David Hochman, titled Would You Really Be OK With A Gay Kid?, profiles three anonymous men about the prospect of having a gay son. Hochman introduces the men as progressive and gay supportive, but who flinch at the idea of their own offspring being gay. “No matter how enlightened you are (or think you are), when it comes down to it, you don't want your kid to be gay.”

While Hochman's statement was not meant to be a question, PFLAG Dads are answering it in a series of blog posts which aim to highlight dads proud to have gay sons.

Cepek has written the first post found at where he writes: “Frankly, the article strikes me as phony. I'm not keen about anonymous sources for one thing. For another, the article confuses gender identity and sexual orientation, dishing up stereotypes left and right. Finally, the article cites an expert who observes that parents 'overestimate the miserable life their children will have if they're gay.' But all three of the anonymous sources are surrounded by successful, presumable happy gay men. How could these three be so intelligent and progressive and ignore their own experience?”

“This father knows best: having a gay son is great,” Cepek writes.

PFLAG will offer stories from various dads with gay sons over the course of the next week in response to Hochman's article.