Florida Senator Marco Rubio on Thursday reiterated his opposition to including protections for bi-national gay couples in a proposed immigration bill he co-authored.

“If this bill has something in it that gives gay couples immigration rights and so forth, it kills the bill. I'm done,” Rubio, a Republican, said during an appearance on The Andrea Tantaros Show. “I'm off it, and I've said that repeatedly. I don't think that's going to happen and it shouldn't happen. This is already a difficult enough issue as it is.”

Rubio was referring to an amendment filed Tuesday by Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy, a Democrat.

Leahy first introduced the amendment in the Democratic-controlled committee that he chairs. It seeks to allow a gay American to sponsor an immigrant spouse for citizenship, which is currently not allowed pursuant to the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). Under threat from Republicans to end their support for the entire bill, Leahy, with a “heavy heart,” withdrew the amendment from consideration by the committee.

Leahy is now poised to reintroduce the amendment on the Senate floor.