Actor and stand-up comic Russell Brand says Fox News' Bill O'Reilly's opposition to gay marriage makes him sound “a bit homophobic.”

The 38-year-old Brand made his comments during an appearance on HuffPost Live.

When host Josh Zepps asked Brand for his thoughts on marriage equality, Brand answered, “Let people be married to each other if they want to.”

Zepps noted O'Reilly's public suggestion that such unions could ultimately allow a person to marry a duck.

“Well, why, you know, if you're in love with the duck, who is the society to tell you you can't do that?” O'Reilly said.

“Bill O'Reilly sounds a bit homophobic, if he's saying things like that, is it,” Brand said. “Bill O'Reilly. I bet if you got to know him, I bet he's alright.”

“I don't think people really believe those things. I think the reason they're so vehement in their right-wing vitriol is 'cause like they know if you went, 'Come on mate, just be kind.' Everyone knows that's the answer really. People are too entrenched in fear.”

“Me, I think if men want to get married, if women want to get married. We know what morality is. We know what right and wrong is. It's silly to legislate for bigotry.” (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)