A majority of Americans who believe homosexuality should be discouraged say it goes against their religious beliefs.

According to a Pew Research Center poll of 1,505 adults released last week, 60 percent said homosexuality should be accept by society, an increase of 13 percent over the past decade.

Thirty-one percent said it should be discouraged, a decrease of 14 percent over the same time period.

Of those opposed, a majority (52%) say it's a sin or that it conflicts with their religious or moral beliefs.

“My religious background taught me that this was something that was taboo and not accepted,” a 62-year-old man was quoted by Pew researchers as saying.

“It clearly states in the Bible that it goes against God's teachings,” a 32-year-old woman said.

Other reasons cited include concerns that homosexuality is bad for the family or bad for children (13%), that a man and a woman are needed to procreate (10%), that being gay is not a choice (10%), that it's just wrong (10%), and that gay propaganda is being “shoved in my face” (6%).