At a gathering next week, the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), the world's largest Baptist denomination, is expected to call for an exodus from the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) over its recent decision to allow openly gay scouts.

The BSA last month agreed to end its ban on openly gay members under the age of 18 but will continue to prohibit openly gay adults from participating in the organization. The new policy takes effect on January 1.

The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) on Thursday reported that Frank Page, the denomination's president and chief executive officer, said that he expects “a resolution encouraging an exodus from the Boy Scouts” to be debated at the meeting.

The SBC will lobby local churches to consider two alternatives: The SBC's Royal Ambassadors program for boys and a planned non-denominational program.

Page told the outlet that he sees the BSA's move as an assault on Christians and insisted that “active persecution” of Christians will happen in the United States in his lifetime.

“We're seeing it around the world. I believe we will see it here in my lifetime,” he said.