Mark Liberson, who owns four gay bars in Chicago, is publicly criticizing lawmakers who failed to approve a gay marriage bill.

At the 11th hour last week, Rep. Greg Harris, the bill's champion in the House, stunned proponents seated in the public gallery when he announced that instead of calling the bill for a vote he was postponing it until the fall. Harris said he had assurances from colleagues that they would back the bill in November.

That explanation didn't sit well with Liberson, who has hung banners outside his establishments chiding the move.

“Equality doesn't need a summer break!” the banner states. “We want a vote! [House Speaker Michael] Madigan: beyond denying us the right to marry – you also deny us the right to know our enemies? Shame, Shame!”

Liberson, who owns Elixer, Halsted's Bar and Grill, Hydrate Nightclub and Replay, told that he was “extremely disappointed.”

“Probably the most upsetting thing to me was the failure to call a vote,” he said. “I feel that by not calling a vote, we have allowed those who would vote against us to hide in the shadows rather than forcing them to state their position. Even if we lost, it would have been clearer to us where to focus our energies going forward.”