As a proposed gay marriage bill heads to committee in Britain's House of Lords, opponents say they'll keep fighting.

With a voice vote on Tuesday the chamber approved the bill in the second reading and overwhelmingly rejected an amendment aimed at derailing the project. The House of Commons approved the measure last month. While it is possible for a bill to be defeated this late in the process, the likelihood is small.

The Coalition for Marriage, which opposes passage, released a video on Wednesday in which it insisted that the debate was not yet over.

“This week the House of Lords failed to defeat the government's bill to redefine marriage,” Dr. Sharon James says in the clip. “That's obviously disappointing to all of us who care about marriage. But it's not all over yet.”

“The bill has several hurdles to overcome in the House of Lords and it could yet fall.”

“It was very clear from Monday night's debate that many peers were deeply upset at the undemocratic way that this bill is being rammed through parliament. Peers said the government lacked any mandate from the voters, there had not been proper parliamentary scrutiny, and the bill threatened to undermine marriage. That's a great base to build on.” (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)