Evangelical Christians on Wednesday staged a second rally to protest a legal ruling which effectively legalizes gay marriage in Brazil.

Roughly 6,000 people rallied in Brasilia, the federal capital of Brazil, to defend “the traditional family” and protest against a proposed anti-homophobia bill they say limits freedom of expression, the AFP reported.

Pastor Silas Malafaia of the Assembly of God church organized Wednesday's March for the Family as well a 100,000-people rally which took place last month in Rio de Janeiro.

“This is a a historic day,” Fad Faraj, pastor of Brasilia's Faith Ministry, told the AFP. “We will not allow this country to sink into immorality.”

The ruling, handed down last month by the National Council of Justice, says a notary public cannot deny a gay couple's request for a marriage license. Claiming that the ruling was unconstitutional because Congress has not legalized marriage equality, Brazil's conservative Social Christian Party has legally challenged the decision.

Brazil is also considering a measure which would impose punishments for anti-gay rhetoric.