A majority of Americans over the age of 55 approve of gay and lesbian relationships.

According to data from Gallup's 2013 Values and Beliefs poll conducted last month, support for gay relations among older Americans has increased 25 percentage points since 2001, reaching a majority for the first time this year.

Fifty-one percent of respondents to the poll 55 and older said they view gay relations to be morally acceptable.

A similar increase over the past 12 years has occurred in young people 18 to 34. In 2001, 52 percent of young people approved of gay relationships. This year, pollsters found support up by 22 percentage points.

“Americans' fundamental views on several issues that define the nation's culture have changed in important ways since the start of the last decade,” pollsters wrote in releasing their findings. “Gallup trends by age show that (in every case) increasing acceptance of several matters relating to sexual relations, as well as divorce and stem cell research, have moved closer to the views held by the youngest generation of Americans.”