The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) has accused the Obama administration of leaking its confidential tax return.

Last year, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the nation's largest LGBT advocate, posted a redacted version of the group's Form 990.

Appearing on Fox News, NOM President Brian Brown appeared to suggest that the IRS acted in concert with the administration.

“[T]his was given to our political opponents, the head of the Human Rights Campaign was a co-chair for President Obama's re-election campaign,” Brown said. “We need Congress to move forward, we need a thorough investigation, and we need to know for certain if this goes, to see how high this goes. It is not at all encouraging that, again, this was given to a co-chair of President Obama's re-election campaign. That's just wrong.”

NOM Chairman John Eastman repeated the suggestion in a USA Today op-ed.

“[T]he release of NOM's confidential data to a group headed by an Obama campaign co-chair suggests the possibility of complicity at the highest levels of politics and government,” he wrote. “This wasn't a low-level error in judgment; it was a conscious act to reward a prominent Obama supporter while punishing an opponent.”

Equality Matters noted that the group had previously concluded that the leak had been an accident.

“You may recall that a low-level employee also released NOM's private tax-return information to a guy claiming to be a NOM employee, who then posted it on the Internet,” wrote former chairwoman Maggie Gallagher on May 10.

Eastman was among those testifying before the House Ways and Means Committee on Tuesday about their mistreatment by the IRS.

At the prodding of Rep. Tom Price, a Republican from Georgia, Eastman told the committee that its donors had to be kept secret to avoid reprisals.

“Beginning at Proposition 8, people's names were disclosed as donors, their businesses were boycotted,” Eastman testified. “If there was an employee at a business, that business was boycotted. They were harassed, they were assaulted on the streets, they were vandalized in their property. And this has now pervaded across the nation. Every time our donor list gets disclosed to the point where donors tell us, 'We are fearful of giving money to you to help support the cause we believe in because our businesses and our families are at risk.'”

Eastman scolded Rep. Earl Blumenauer, a Democrat from Oregon, for saying that NOM's advocacy against marriage equality does not amount to “social welfare.”

“The notion that defending traditional marriage doesn't qualify as a defense of the public good is beyond preposterous,” Eastman blustered.

In a Huffington Post op-ed, Blumenauer backed up his claims.

“To Dr. Eastman, I say that it is the denial of my constituents, and all Americans, the right to marry the person that they love that is preposterous. To exploit racial and religious differences so you can fund raise for and enforce your specific worldview is preposterous,” he wrote.

“But your right to be preposterous should not extend to taking political positions under the guise of a social welfare organization, raising money and campaigning.”