A group of college Republicans has acknowledged the inevitability of gay marriage.

In a new report by the College Republican National Committee (CRNC), the group notes that “there is hardly an appetite from this generation to see the GOP crusade against same-sex marriage.”

But instead of prescribing change on the issue, the report recommends that Republican candidates opposed to marriage equality don't publicly voice their views.

“It is important for Republicans to bear in mind that young voters warmed to President Obama long before his position on gay marriage 'evolved,' and that there is no consensus in either party on the issue. Additionally, there is a 'middle ground' approach of letting states decide the issue, a position that has been espoused by some prominent Republicans like Marco Rubio. Nonetheless, there is hardly an appetite from this generation to see the GOP crusade against same-sex marriage.”

“In the short run, as we wait for the Supreme Court rulings on the Defense of Marriage Act and California’s Proposition 8, the best course of action for the party may be to promote the diversity of opinion on the issue within its ranks (after all, for quite some time, former vice president Dick Cheney was to the left of President Obama on same-sex marriage) and to focus on acceptance and support for gay people as separate from the definition of marriage.”

“Where the Republican Party will run into the most trouble over this issue is when it is not winning on any of the more prominent issues, either – the economy and spending. If a candidate is compelling enough on economic opportunity and spending, they may well be able to overcome a difference of opinion with young voters on same-sex marriage.”

In responding to the report, ThinkProgress' Zack Ford pointed out that Florida Senator Marco Rubio is squarely opposed to gay nuptials. He added that the GOP wants “to pretend that their opposition to equality is a non-issue and hope that young voters simply won't notice how they continue to campaign and legislate against civil rights.”