Singer Adam Lambert says he wants to use his celebrity to increase gay visibility.

The 31-year-old Lambert made his comments in accepting the City of Hope Award from Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. Lambert was chosen for the honor because of his “accomplishments and advocacy on behalf of the LGBT community.”

Villaraigosa presented the award to Lambert during a ceremony at Los Angeles City Hall on Thursday.

Lambert explained that after his experience on American Idol he realized that he had been given a platform.

“And slowly but surely as it all sunk in I realized wow what a great opportunity I have to give people something that I didn't really have a lot of growing up,” Lambert said. “Now, I have a really supportive family and my friends are really supportive, but I didn't see a lot of figures in the media that were representing the LGBT community. Let alone a diverse LGBT community. And that's been one of my missions this whole time is to not necessarily be the quintessential gay man but to be a gay man who doesn't want to fit in. Who wants to be his own person. Who doesn't make any apologies.” (The audio is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)