A Chicago activist has launched a petition calling on organizers of the Chicago Gay Pride Parade to exclude Illinois politicians from this year's festivities.

The change.org petition is a response to the Illinois House's failure to vote on a proposed gay marriage bill. The measure, which cleared the Senate on Valentine's Day and has the support of Democratic Governor Pat Quinn, could return in the fall.

“How could they not hear the people cry out for equality?” states the petition being organized by Curtis Bumgarner. “So why should we be subjected to hear them cry out for votes and elections during our time of being proud of who we are and the battle we have overcome?”

As of Monday evening, the petition had attracted nearly 700 electronic signatures.

Bumgarner told the Chicago Tribune that the petition will be delivered to Richard Pfeiffer, whose group PRIDEChicago organizes the annual parade, now in its 44th year, and the Illinois State House.

Pfeiffer told ChicagoPride.com that they have no plans to exclude politicians.