Gay rights opponents in Ohio are targeting corporate sponsors of Cincinnati's annual Gay Pride Parade.

CCV Action, the political arm of Citizens for Community Values (CCV), is calling on members to boycott Huntington Bank, Macy's, Kroger, P&G, Fifth Third Bank, PNC Bank and U.S. Bank for supporting the June 19th event.

In an email to supporters, CCV Action referred to the parade as the “Homosexual Activists Sex Parade” and encouraged members to “search and follow your own conscience as to whether you will support businesses that support anti-family and anti-marriage policies.”

The Cincinnati-based CCV is headed by Phil Burress. In 2004, the organization led the campaign to approve Ohio's constitutional amendment which prevents the state from recognizing any relationship other than a heterosexual marriage.

“As for CCV and the Burress family, we will no longer do business with any of these sponsors,” the email added.

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