Gary Meier has stepped forward as the author of Hidden Voices: Reflections of a Gay, Catholic Priest, which was first published in 2011 anonymously.

“I have tried over the years to reconcile my silence as a gay priest, with that of the church's increasing anti-gay stance,” Meier writes in the book's second edition, which includes his name.

He goes on to explain that he feels that his silence has kept him from helping LGBT Christians.

“In so many ways I wish I had spoken sooner. If I have any guilt at all, it's is because I have waiting this long to speak up.”

In an appearance on cabler Current's Viewpoint, Meier told host John Fugelsang that LGBT teens suffer the most from the church's anti-gay rhetoric.

“In my opinion and the driving force for the book and any other efforts I put forth with advocacy, it's the 30 percent of the teenagers. The 30 percent of the teenagers who successfully commit suicide based on their sexual orientation and sexual identity issues. Those are the people that are hearing these messages being spoken from the pulpit that I believe are harmful.” (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)