Former *NSyncer Lance Bass has said that he feared being outed while a member of the boy band starting in the mid 90s for seven years.

The 34-year-old Bass acknowledged rumors of his sexuality in a 2006 PEOPLE magazine cover story.

In an interview with gay activist David Mixner, Bass said he feared being outed everyday.

“I have known I was gay for as long as I can remember,” Bass said. “The fear of being outed while in *NSYNC was huge. I feared it everyday. I thought the guys would figure it out because of the girls I wouldn't take home or my mannerisms. It was stressful and it in turn made me shy and introverted. I never wanted to get really close to anyone in fear of them finding out. I had many acquaintances, but no true friends.”

“My greatest joy in coming out is being able to live my life openly and honestly,” he added.