Two Oregon bakers who refused service to gay couples citing their religious beliefs are not bothered by other occasions frowned upon by some Christians.

In separate incidents separated by three months, the owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa in Gresham and Fleur Cakes in Hood River received national media attention after each refused a request for a wedding cake from a lesbian couple. (Gay and lesbian couples can enter a domestic partnership in Oregon.)

“We don't do same-sex weddings,” Aaron Kelin, the owner of Sweet Cakes by Melissa, reportedly told the couple.

“I believe I have the liberty to live by my principles,” Pam Regentin, owner of Fleur Cakes, told KATU.

Alternative weekly Willamette Week contacted each bakery to order cakes for other occasions disapproved of by some Christians, including divorce and a baby being born out of wedlock.

When Willamette Week anonymously inquired about such celebrations, neither bakery refused service.

“My friend is getting divorced and we'd like to throw her a little party to mark the start of her life,” the paper said in contacting the bakeries. “Do you ever write messages on those – we'd want it to say 'congratulations'! – and how much would it be for a cake that could serve about eight people?”

“We can definitely do something like that,” a Sweet Cakes by Melissa representative said.

Fleur Cakes quoted prices then added that advanced noticed was necessary because “June and July is very busy.”

Other inquiries included providing baked goods for celebrations surrounding stem-cell research, a non-kosher barbecue and a pagan solstice party.