The wedding of the first gay couple to marry in France was broadcast live throughout the nation on Wednesday.

Vincent Autin and Bruno Boileau were married in the southern gay-friendly town of Montpellier by Mayor Helene Mandroux.

The men said “oui” and then shared several public kisses.

A small group of protesters who had gathered behind city hall were scared away by police, the AP reported.

On the eve of the law's start, tens of thousands of protesters gathered in Paris to demand its repeal. In incidents on Saturday and again on Sunday, police detained several hundred activists who refused to disperse.

Speaking to CNN before the ceremony, the men discussed what the law means to them.

“When French children are born into this world, they are born with the same rights as everyone else,” Vincent Autin said. “But from the moment you said you were a homosexual, society deprived you of some of those rights just because you were a homosexual. Today, the French republic has given these rights back to us. Ones they had taken away. And they have put an end to an institutional discrimination.”

The couple added that they plan to start a family.

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