A Dallas resolution in support of gay marriage appears to be dead after a city counselor withdrew her support at the last minute.

The non-binding resolution states that “marriage is a powerful and important affirmation of love and commitment and a source of social support and recognition” and that “all couples in loving and committed relationships should be given the opportunity to create stronger and more successful families through civil marriage.”

“BE IT RESOLVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF DALLAS, that we support marriage and workplace equality in Dallas and beyond.”

The item was expected to come up for a vote on June 22.

According to gay weekly the Dallas Voice, Councilor Delia Jasso has withdrawn her support. Because Mayor Mike Rawlings, who sets the agenda, opposes the resolution, supporters had moved the item to the agenda with the backing of 5 members of the council, the minimum needed to bypass the mayor.

Rawlings' chief of staff told the Dallas News that the mayor will not place the item on an upcoming council agenda.

“The mayor has continually stated he believes this is out of the realm of the City Council and does not plan to keep it on the agenda,” said Paula Blackmom.

It should be noted that Rawlings supports marriage equality but believes the resolution is “a misuse of City Council time.”