Colorado House Speaker Mark Ferrandino entered a civil union with his longtime partner Greg Wertsch on Sunday.

The ceremony was held on the west balcony of the state Capitol and was officiated by State Supreme Court Justice Monica Marquez, The Denver Post reported.

Ferrandino was instrumental in passing the state's civil union law after two years of crushing defeats.

Senators Andy Kerr and Pat Steadman were among the roughly 50 guests who attended the ceremony. The two Democrats also played pivotal roles in passage of the law.

Ferrandino and Wertsch are raising one child, daughter Lila.

“Greg and I have tried to keep this low-key because we are just one of the thousands of Colorado couples whose commitment to each other can now officially be recognized by the state,” Ferrandino said in a statement. “I am very proud that I was able to help make this new law a reality. But today, any sense of legislative accomplishment takes a back seat to a much more personal feeling – my love for Greg and for our foster daughter, Lila.