Anti-gay marriage group the French Spring (Printemps Francais) is facing the possibility of being banned amid claims its comments amount to a call to violence.

Four days after French President Francois Hollande signed a law legalizing marriage and adoption for gay and lesbian couples, the French Spring issued a statement in which it threatened to target “the government and all its appendices, the collaborating political parties and lobbies where the ideological programs are developed and the organs which spread it.”

According to a report by FRANCE 24, French Interior Minister Manuel Valls called the statement “unacceptable.”

“This is a call to violence,” Valls told France Info. “Justice will have to act because it is intolerable that in the Republic there can be these messages of hate. There is no place for groups that challenge the Republic, democracy and which also attack individuals.”

Opponents have said that they will continue their calls to repeal the law and have planned a giant protest in Paris to take place on Sunday.

In recent remarks to Le Parisien, Frigide Barjot, the movement's most visible leader, distanced herself from Beatrice Bourges, who leads the French Spring.

Bourges has denied the charges.

“It means that everything that is not politically correct or conformist will be punished in our country,” Bourges said on French television. “I'm sad that in this country we have reached such a denial of democracy. There has never been a call to violence.”