Gay marriage foe and former National Organization for Marriage (NOM) president Maggie Gallagher balks at ThinkProgress for saying that her logic is flawed.

When Gallagher wrote that she hopes society can promote heterosexuality and discourage “cruel homophobia,” the progressive blog's Zack Ford responded that Gallagher's goals were incompatible: “Either all people are equal in society or they are not; she cannot have her straight-only wedding cake and eat it stigma-free.”

In a new post, Gallagher responded to Ford.

“It is possible to affirm an ideal without stigmatizing the alternatives – to affirm in the positive without pushing the negative. But gay marriage advocates insist that any affirmation of the ideal represents a denigration of them, no matter how expressed,” she wrote.

Ford volleyed back: “The problem with Gallagher's argument is that she does push the negative. There would be no need to highlight her attempts to justify heterosexism if she were not also justifying the idea that the gay community should be denied access to the securities and benefits of marriage.”

It should also be noted that the various conservative groups that Gallagher supports have stood arm-in-arm with vitriolic homophobes, including NOM, whose current president, Brian Brown, in 2010 stood up for religious speakers involved with the group who described gay people as “perverted,” “diseased” and likely pedophiles.

When asked whether he would repudiate the remarks, Brown answered: “What I believe is that pastors and religious leaders need to be able to speak up for traditional, Christian sexual morality. And they have the right to do that. They have the obligation to do that.”