A record number of American adults say the relationships of gay men and lesbians are morally acceptable, a new survey has found.

When New Jersey-based pollster Gallup asked, “Do you personally believe gay or lesbian relations are morally acceptable or morally wrong?” a majority (59%) of respondents said “morally acceptable.” Thirty-eight percent said such unions were “morally wrong.”

In publishing their findings, pollsters noted that increasing awareness over gay rights, and in particular marriage, may be affecting Americans' views on the issue.

Gallup's annual Values and Beliefs survey, conducted May 2-7, also found more Americans believe that being gay is not a choice.

“Currently, 47% of Americans view being gay or lesbian as a sexual orientation individuals are born with, while 33% instead believe it is due to external factors such as upbringing or environment,” pollsters wrote. “That 14-percent-point gap in favor of 'nature' over 'nurture' is the largest Gallup has measured to date. As recently as two years ago, the public was evenly divided.”