Gay marriage foe Maggie Gallagher says she supports heterosexuality and opposes homophobia.

Gallagher, the former president of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), wrote in a National Review op-ed that she hopes society can promote heterosexuality and discourage “cruel homophobia.”

“I personally still cherish the hope that we can as a society eliminate cruel homophobia without jettisoning heteronormativity – which is the need for social norms and institutions to be oriented strongly around the problem and the blessing that sex between men and women makes babies.”

“But so far, the disconnect between sex, marriage and babies proceeds rapidly apace.”

Writing at, Zack Ford opined that Gallagher's goals were incompatible.

“At a basic level, it's logically impossible to say that heterosexuality is better – or should be the norm – compared to homosexuality without simultaneously stating that homosexuality is worse – or abnormal. Either all people are equal in society or they are not; she cannot have her straight-only wedding cake and eat it stigma-free,” Ford wrote.