Brazil's conservative Social Christian Party on Tuesday appealed a ruling which effectively legalized gay marriage in the nation.

The National Council of Justice, which oversees the country's judiciary, last week ruled that notary publics cannot deny a gay couple's request for a marriage license.

The decision comes two years after the nation's Supreme Court ruled that the constitution guaranteed gay couples the same rights as heterosexuals couples, but volleyed the issue of marriage back to legislators. Several gay couples petitioned the court system to convert their civil unions into full marriages, with mixed rulings. Last week's ruling means that couples in all 27 states no longer need to petition a judge to receive a marriage license.

In its appeal to the Supreme Court, the party argued that the council's ruling was unconstitutional because Congress has not legalized marriage equality.

Congressman Marco Feliciano, an evangelical pastor and outspoken opponent of gay rights who has called AIDS a “gay cancer,” is a leader of the Social Christian Party.