A march and rally in memory of Mark Carson, a gay man who died Friday at the hands of a gunman, will take place on Monday in New York City.

Carson, 32, was shot in the head around midnight in New York City's Greenwich Village neighborhood. He died at Beth Israel Hospital.

The suspected gunman attempted to evade capture, running five blocks before police collared him at West Third Street and MacDougal Street, NY1 reported.

He has since confessed to killing the victim, who lived in Brooklyn.

Police said the suspect hurled homophobic remarks shortly before he allegedly pulled out a .38 caliber revolver and killed the victim with one bullet to the head.

Carson is the fourth victim of anti-gay violence in the city over the last several weeks, but the first fatality.

On Saturday, hundreds of people gathered at midnight at the site where Carson was murdered. Mourners neatly arranged flowers and candles around pictures of Carson to create an impromptu street memorial.

“Our hearts grieve for Mark's loved ones,” GLAAD spokesman Wilson Cruz said in a statement. “While our community has made progress, this is a stark and sobering reminder of the rife homophobia that still exists in our culture. These crimes are intended to scare and silence LGBT people. However as a proud New York native, I am confident that our community and our city will not be silenced, but will rather come together to stop this rash of senseless violence. Speaker Christine Quinn, other elected officials, and the New York City Anti-Violence Project continue to showcase strong leadership in addressing the safety of LGBT New Yorkers. Yet, we are reminded still that, until we rid our society of the discrimination that allows us to be seen as inferior and less than human, we will never truly be safe, even in one of the most accepting cities in the world.”

The march will begin at the LGBT Community Center of New York at 5:30PM and conclude at the murder site.