Fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi has cheered passage of a gay marriage law in Minnesota.

Minnesota became the 12th state to legalize such unions on Tuesday with Governor Mark Dayton's signature.

During an appearance on HuffPost Live, Mizrahi gave Minnesota a big cheer and said that gay people need to be vocal about their rights.

“You do have to be vocal about these things,” he said. “You have to keep talking about it.”

“I am at this point where I'm proud to come out and fight that good fight. I'm not defensive anymore, I'm proactive about it.”

The 51-year-old Mizrahi also recollected an episode involving his husband Arnold Germer and a marriage equality foe.

“I was at a dinner party and my husband was sitting next to this woman and she was like, 'Oh no, I don't believe in gay marriage.' In New York City, right?”

“He just went off on her. And I was like, 'Go Arnold!'”

“She thought it was polite to be able to express herself,” Mizrahi continued. “She better expect him to express himself back.”

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