Jesse Tyler Ferguson has defended the gay characters on Modern Family by declaring himself a gay cliché.

The 37-year-old Ferguson, who is engaged to lawyer Justin Mikita, plays Mitchell Pritchett, the partner of Cameron Tucker (played by Eric Stonestreet), on the ABC Wednesday night sitcom.

In an interview with gay glossy The Advocate, Ferguson said a frequent complaint is that the show's gay couple isn't a positive representation of the gay community.

“We're always coming up against the criticism that our characters are stereotypical and don't represent what it is to be gay,” Ferguson said. “But my argument has always been, I know so many people who are just like Mitchell and Cam, and so many people who are nothing like them. We're representing a very specific couple in gay America and do not represent the entire gay community with those characters.”

He continued, “Mitchell is basically me, so when people tell me I'm stereotypical and cliché in that role, then Jesse Tyler Ferguson is stereotypical and cliché, because I'm basically doing no acting at all. We're all clichés of ourselves.”