U.S. figure skating champion Johnny Weir says he feels gayest when he's having sex.

The 28-year-old Weir came out gay in his 2011 memoir Welcome to my World and he ended that year by marrying Atlanta-area lawyer Victor Voronov in New York City.

Weir will be in Philadelphia this weekend to accept the Delaware Valley Legacy Fund's (DVLF) National HERO award at its annual HEROES event.

“My hero may be cliché, but it's my mama,” he told Philadelphia Magazine's gay blog G Philly. “She raised me with the strength to be me all while forging the path herself.”

When asked to describe his love for Philadelphia in three words, Weir answered: “Sophistication, tradition and cheesesteaks.”

Favorite place in the world, Weir said, is Moscow, Russia.

Weir also answered some personal questions, like how to achieve flawless skin: “No matter how drunk you get, always wash your face before bed! Also, proper hydration and sunscreen are key.”

And on the fill in the blank question, “I feel gayest when …,” Weir responded: “I'm having sex.”