Fox News devoted sixty seconds to recent gay marriage victories and ignored one completely.

In less than two weeks, lawmakers in Rhode Island, Delaware and Minnesota approved bills legalizing such unions. In Rhode Island and Delaware, the bills were signed into law on the same day they emerged from the legislature. Supporters in Minnesota waited a day before Governor Mark Dayton put pen to paper.

Passage in all three states was dramatic. Delaware Senator Karen Peterson came out gay in the course of debating the bill. In a first for the nation, the entire Republican caucus of the Rhode Island Senate endorsed marriage equality. And the bill easily passed the Minnesota House with 4 Republican votes in tow two years after the chamber approved sending to voters a constitutional amendment defining marriage as a heterosexual union, marking a dramatic reversal of fortune. Voters rejected the amendment.

Fox News ignored passage in Delaware, and devoted only 16 seconds to Rhode Island and 44 seconds to Minnesota, according to statistics compiled by Equality Matters.

CNN devoted a total of 4 minutes to the stories, while MSNBC pitched in 49 minutes. The May 12 edition of MSNBC's Up with Steve Kornacki devoted more than 20 minutes to passage of marriage equality in Minnesota.

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