Failed Dallas City Council candidate Richard Sheridan blames his loss on a reporter not informing voters that a political rival is gay.

Sheridan, who only received 28 votes out of 10,350 cast in his district on Saturday, left a profane voicemail for D Magazine reporter Dan Koller just hours after the polls closed.

Sheridan called Koller a “mother fucker cunt coward” for not reporting that Leland Burk, who finished second with 3,584 votes to Jennifer Staubach Gates, is gay.

“You didn't pose the fact, communicate to the voters that [Burk] is gay,” Sheridan said on the voicemail. “And I think I did a pretty good job at communicating to the voters.” (A The Young Turks video which includes the complete voicemail is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

The Dallas Morning News reported that Sheridan was at City Hall on Wednesday handing out fliers with the faces of three openly gay candidates X'd out and 6s scrawled on their foreheads.

“God's voice was heard in Dallas Saturday,” Sheridan had written on the flier. “No openly LGBT City Councilmember!!”

Sheridan's flier failed to mention his own unsuccessful bid.