Top-ranked men's tennis professionals Roger Federer and Andy Murray say they would welcome an openly gay player.

“I don't think it would be a problem,” Federer told the AP on Sunday at the Italian Open. “We're very relaxed. We don't play a team sport and see each other all the time. … We're very open. So whatever happens, happens. I don't know if there are any [gay male tennis players]. So far from what I've heard, no.”

“But that could change, possibly because of the case in the NBA,” he added, referring to the recent coming out of NBA free agent Jason Collins.

Female tennis stars Martina Navratilova, Billie Jean King and Amelie Mauresmo have already paved the way for a male athlete.

“I think everyone has gotten better at dealing with it,” Murray said. “More and more players have come out and I think there has to be some players that are probably gay. From speaking to the other players, I don't think anyone has any issues with it. So I hope that in tennis it's an issue that is dealt with well when the situation arises.”