A woman appeared to change her mind on whether being gay is a choice after she was asked one question.

In a 3-minute video uploaded in 2008 to YouTube but making the rounds of late, Travis Nuckolls and Chris Baker ask everyday folks on the streets of Colorado Springs, Colorado their thoughts on whether gays and lesbians decide their sexuality.

Many of those interviewed say they do believe that gays can choose but appear to have second thoughts when asked about their own sexuality.

“I think the people … it depends on what they grow up finding out,” one man says. “I think it's a choice later in life, but it depends on upbringing.”

“When did you chose to be straight?”

“That's a good call, man. I didn't choose to be,” the man answers with a chuckle. “So, born.”

“I would have to say they choose to be gay,” a woman unequivocally states.

“When did you chose to be straight?”

“I never thought about it,” the woman says with a laugh. “I really didn't … I am who I am.”

“Do you think it's the same for gay people?”

“Maybe. Maybe that's true.” (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)