Minnesota State Rep. Peggy Scott, a Republican, says her “heart breaks” over passage of a gay marriage bill in the House.

The House debated the measure on Thursday for roughly 3 hours before approving it with 75 votes, including four votes from previously undeclared Republicans. Fifty-nine House members, including two Democrats, voted against advancing the bill.

“My heart breaks for Minnesota,” Scott told the Star-Tribune on the House floor after the vote.

“It's a divisive issue that divides our state,” she continued, wiping away tears. “It's not what we needed to be doing at this time. We want to come together for the state of Minnesota, we don't want to divide it.”

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The Senate will take up the measure on Monday.

If the law is approved, it will take effect on August 1, the same day that gay and lesbian couples in Rhode Island can begin marrying.