Illinois Governor Pat Quinn on Thursday called on lawmakers to approve a gay marriage bill.

The Illinois Senate approved the measure on Valentine's Day. But the full House has yet to act on the measure since it cleared a House panel in February.

“It's time to vote,” Quinn said. “Illinois passing marriage equality into law, I think, sends a great signal to the people of our state and the people of America. So it's important to Illinois [that] the House of Representatives get going.”

Quinn, a Democrat, made his remarks as similar proposals in 2 states, Rhode Island and Delaware, reached the finish line and Minnesota appeared poised to join them.

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The bill's champion in the House, Democratic Rep. Greg Harris, said that with significant victories in the rear view mirror, supporters would now turn their attention to Illinois.

“In the last couple months we have seen the voters of three different states vote for marriage at the ballot box and in the last week we saw two other states, and probably a third today, where the legislature said that treating people equally is the right American thing to do,” said Harris. “Now the eyes of the country are on Illinois to see if we are going to do the right thing.”