A Christian conservative group has vowed to oust Delaware lawmakers who vote for a gay marriage bill.

On Tuesday, the Delaware Senate approved the measure. Democratic Governor Jack Markell immediately signed the bill into law.

“I am signing this bill now because I do not intend to make any of you wait one moment longer,” Markell told the crowd that had gathered on the main stairs in the lobby of Legislative Hall.

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Two senators, Bethany Hall-Long, a Democrat from Middletown, and Catherine Cloutier, a Republican from Brandywine Hundred, provided the swing votes needed to carry the legislation in the Senate.

Nicole Theis, president of Delaware Family Policy Council, which lobbied against passage of the bill, told the AFA's Instant Analysis that the bill's religious protections were weak because businesses and individuals were not exempt.

“Our immediate concern is that good people in this state will suffer discrimination simply because they believe marriage is between one man and one woman and that children deserve a mom and a dad,” Theis said. “There's minimal protection in this law, and we believe that passing legislation like this will trigger lawsuits and other forms of government retaliation.”

Delaware lawmakers added sexual orientation to the state's anti-discrimination law in 2009.

Speaking to the News Journal, Theis had a warning for lawmakers who voted for the bill.

“There are legislators who said they would vote 'no' on redefining marriage. We trusted them. We stood by them. Now we must hold them accountable,” she said. “We did poll Senator Hall-Long's district, because she has very active evangelical churches in her district.”

“According to that polling, she will be replaced,” Theis said.