A gay marriage bill in Delaware will face its final legislative hurdle Tuesday in the state Senate.

While Democrats control the Senate by nearly a 2-1 margin, several vote counts put supporters 2 votes shy of passage.

Several senators, however, remain undecided.

The measure cleared the House last month and Democratic Governor Jack Markell has pledged to sign the bill into law, which would make Delaware the 11th state to legalize gay nuptials.

If the measure is approved, the state would discontinue civil unions after July 1, and existing civil unions would be upgraded to full marriage.

A campaign by Equality Delaware, the state's largest group lobbying for passage, titled “The Face of this Debate” takes a closer look at the people who will be impacted by the proposed legislation.

One person highlighted is Pat, a practicing Catholic who testified before lawmakers on behalf of her son Dan.

“I am passionate that my son be able to marry the man he loves,” Pat said. “My belief is rooted in a deep moral conviction that all love is a gift from God. As a practicing Catholic, I am committed to studying the Bible and working for justice in our world. Where basic human rights are denied, we as Catholics are called to stand up for those affected. What right is more basic than to be able to marry the person you love?”

Delaware's vote comes less than a week after Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee signed a similar bill into law.

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