Jason Collins was “very matter-of-fact” in coming out gay to his brother Jarron Collins.

In a clip from Sunday's Oprah's Next Chapter, host Oprah Winfrey asks Jarrod Collins how he found out his brother is gay.

Jason is 8 minutes older than this twin brother. The 34-year-old siblings were both drafted into the NBA in 2001 after attending Stanford University. On Monday, Jason, an NBA free agent, came out gay in a cover story for Sports Illustrated, making him the U.S.'s first openly gay professional athlete.

“We keep our relationship very, very light,” Jarrod told Oprah. “He was very matter-of-fact. He said, 'Jarrod, I'm gay.'”

Jarrod added that the announcement surprised him.

“For me, my brother gave me no indication … you know, there was never any discussion from him that … you know, we're very tight, obviously very, very close. And so, I just never knew that he had an attraction to men,” Jarrod said. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)