Dr. John Corvino, author of What's Wrong with Homosexuality?, argues that people are more than just sex.

In a nearly 5-minute video, Corvino, also known as the “Gay Moralist,” says that people immediately think of anal sex when they think of homosexuality.

“The first thing to keep in mind is that an argument against anal sex is not the same thing as an argument against homosexuality. Because not all gay people engage in anal sex. And not only gay people engage in anal sex.”

“This is something that a lot of people seem to miss.”

“There's this great story about when Congress was debating sodomy laws. And many of these laws applied to straight sex and gay sex. And applied to both anal sex and oral sex. And somebody pointed out that straight people do these things, too. And Strom Thurmond, he was a senator from South Carolina, he was about 90 years old at the time, he actually stood up and said, 'No they don't!' And suddenly I understood why that man was so cranky.”

Corvino argued that all sex, not just gay sex, is weird and icky.

“There's a reason why people refer to sex as doing the nasty.”

“So, ultimately what I think we're seeing here is a failure of empathy. People have this reaction of, 'That's just weird.' And then they elevate 'that's just weird' into 'that's unnatural' and they elevate 'that's unnatural' into 'that's wrong.' And they don't step back and recognize that gay people's sexual lives, just like straight people's sexual lives, are messy and exciting and frightening and wonderful in various ways.”

“If we're going to have a mature conversation about these issues, it's time for us to recognize that human relationships in all of their beauty and complexity should not be reduced to a sex act.” (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

Corvino is a philosophy professor at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan.