Less than 3 weeks after its introduction, a gay marriage bill in Delaware faces its final legislative hurdle on its way to becoming law.

After hearing roughly 90 minutes of testimony, the state's Senate Executive Committee approved the bill with a 4-2 vote, sending the measure to the full Senate, where its fate remains uncertain. The House approved the measure last Wednesday with a 23-18 vote.

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Nicole Theis, president of the Delaware Family Policy Council, testified against passage of the bill, saying that such unions would hurt children.

Roberta Price, a 21-year Navy veteran, told the panel that despite her 2008 California marriage, her wife Colleen receives no benefits recognition from the military.

“If DOMA [the Defense of Marriage Act] is overturned and Delaware doesn't pass marriage equality, we are still strangers in the court of the law,” Price said. “I ask you as a gay veteran and as a Delawarean to please pass this bill.”

Timothy Koob, a representative from the Wilmington-based chemical company DuPont, said that Delaware employers are at a disadvantage when compared to those based in states which have legalized such unions.

“DuPont believes our support for marriage equality represents … our commitment to inclusion,” Koob said.

“The distinction is not between people, it's between sin,” Rev. Judy Mason, an opponent, told the committee. “In Leviticus 18:22 God calls homosexuality an abomination, a perversion. … In Romans 1:26, he says both men and women involved in homosexuality his judgment is they are deserving of death. That breaks my heart. I don't desire that anybody die and go to hell. … When you say 'yes' to HB75, same-sex marriage, you are saying 'no' to God. … And remember the warning from Ezekiel, if you tell a righteous man to turn from his wicked ways and he loses righteousness I will require his blood at your hand if you don't warn him. Today consider yourselves warned.”

Jared and Jordan, 16-year-old twins, spoke on behalf of their 2-mom family.

“No child should have to fight for their hardworking, dedicated parents to have the same rights as other parents,” Jordan said.

Richard Smith, president of the Delaware chapter of the NAACP, also endorsed the bill, saying that his group supports marriage equality because “We support protections.”

“This is about protections,” Smith said. “This is about people being happy and in love.”

If the measure is approved, the state would discontinue civil unions after July 1, and existing civil unions would be upgraded to full marriage.

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