A Delaware Senate panel will consider a proposed gay marriage bill on Wednesday, a week to the day after the House approved the measure with a 23-18 vote.

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The 6-member Senate Executive Committee's hearing on House Bill 75 will begin at 2:30PM. The only item on the agenda is the marriage bill.

The committee is chaired by Senate President Pro Tempore Patricia Blevins, a Democrat and a supporter of marriage equality.

“We say to gay and lesbian couples that their love and their families are worthy of the same dignity and respect as all our families,” Blevins recently told gay weekly the Washington Blade.

The measure is expected to clear the committee but its fate in the Senate remains less certain. According to a vote count conducted by progressive blog Think Progress, supporters remain 2 votes short of passage in the Senate. However, Lisa Goodman, president of Equality Delaware, said she remains confident the bill will become law.

“We believe we will have the votes to pass marriage equality in the Senate,” she said.

Delaware currently recognizes gay and lesbian couples with civil unions.

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