CNN anchor Anderson Cooper has reiterated that he's very proud to be gay.

The 45-year-old Cooper came out gay last year after ducking rumors for years.

He discussed coming out as part of a lecture series at Smith College in Northampton two Sundays ago.

Cooper said that he felt that since he was open with friends and family and his employers that he wasn't actually closeted.

“I was just living my life. You know, partners and going out. Wasn't hiding or anything, or bringing a girl date anyplace,” he said during the casual forum.

“In my mind I was out. But as a reporter … Like, I don't know who Brian Williams is sleeping with, nor do I really care. His wife, I think.”

“It's a weird thing. Now in this age where reporters are now well-known people and entities that there is sort of this expectation that you know more about them. But I don't think that helps in terms of story telling.”

“There were people who felt that I wasn't being open enough. And that by not saying something publicly that I was sending a message, which was that there was something I was ashamed about or something I'm uncomfortable with. None of which was true. … I could not be happier being gay. I'm incredibly proud of being gay. I would not change it for the world. The greatest blessing of my life,” he said to cheers from the audience. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)