Brian Brown, president of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), has summed up the week that was as “tough” as gay marriage momentum builds.

Brown, who helms the nation's most vociferous group opposed to marriage equality, said in a blog post that NOM would “never give up” following votes in France and Rhode Island which put each in the marriage equality column.

“The news this week is tough,” Brown said. “I'm not going to sugar coat it.”

Brown insisted that gay nuptials would hurt children.

Rhode Island's children “for the first time will be educated by this new law to believe that the rights of adults to marry any person they love trump[s] a child's right to a loving mom and dad.”

Brown urged supporters to look forward, not backward, saying that passage of similar proposals in Illinois and Minnesota was not “inevitable.”

“I promise you one thing: We here at NOM will never stop fighting for marriage, working with good people of all races, creeds and colors in every state of these wonderful United States”

“In the tough times the sunshine patriots run. But you can count on us standing up to the forces seeking to undermine marriage everywhere across this great land!”

“If it's been a 'tough week' for NOM,” Think Progress' Zack Ford wrote in response, “that must mean it's been a good week for equality.”