A fourth grader's essay in support of gay marriage went viral on Wednesday after the student's teacher posted a photo of the essay on the social news site Reddit.

“One of my fourth grade students chose gay marriage as his topic for a persuasive essay,” the teacher wrote. “This is the result. More sense than some adults.”

“Why gay people should be able to get married is you can't stop two adults from getting married because there grown and it doesn't matter if it creeps you out just get over it,” the student wrote. “And you should be happy for them because it's a big moment in their life. When I went to my grandparents wedding it was the happiest moment.”

“As you can see gay people should have the right to get married and you shouldn't judge other peoples lives because if you was gay you wouldn't want people talking about you.”

The teacher added: “I am not sharing this because of how perfect the sentences are, but because of how clear his thought process is on this specific issue. It isn't as simple as pointing out mistakes and spelling errors.”