A gay couple in the southern city of Nice, France were attacked over the weekend as a bill legalizing marriage and adoption for gay couples nears a final vote on Tuesday.

Raphael Leclerc posted a picture of his battered face on Facebook.

“I left the nightclub with my boyfriend at around 5.35am on Saturday,” Leclerc, 24, wrote of the incident. “We were not kissing and we were not holding hands. A couple of minutes later there were three, who were shouting 'hey gays' at us, and then they ran at us.”

Leclerc said he was asked whether he was French or Chechen. He replied French before he was beaten unconscious by his attackers.

The marriage bill has already been approved in the French parliament's upper and lower houses. Tuesday's planned vote in the National Assembly is considered a formality.

Opponents, however, have not lessened their demands that the Socialist government of President Francois Hollande abandon its plan and let the people decide the issue. In Paris, they marched for three nights in a row starting on Wednesday. A day-long protest on Sunday attracted tens of thousands of activists.

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Leclerc is the second gay man to post a picture of his battered face on social media. Wilfred de Bruijn and his boyfriend were attacked earlier this month in Paris. Gay rights groups claim that the rate of homophobic attacks has increased 30 percent in recent months as debate over the bill the heated up.

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