At a rally organized by opponents of a proposed gay marriage bill, Minnesota State Rep. Tim Faust told the crowd that he's undecided on the issue.

The measure has cleared House and Senate committees and awaits floor votes in both chambers.

About 3 dozen people attended the rally held in the parking lot of Tobie's restaurant in Hickley. It was the first of 10 planned rallies over two weekends by the group Minnesota for Marriage.

Glenn Stanton of Focus on the Family keynoted the event.

“The support that is out there supposedly growing for same-sex marriage is razor thin, because it is built on soundbites,” Stanton told the crowd.

Faust, a Democrat who represents the area, said he would “always give you the opportunity to convince me that you're right,” then added: “I also will give the other side the opportunity to convince me that they're right too.”

On Thursday, Faust told the Star Tribune that nearly all the arguments against such unions are based on religious beliefs but that many religious leaders are in support.

“Then the question becomes, do we have the right to impose our religious belief on others?” he rhetorically asked. “If the reason we are arguing we shouldn't be doing this is because of religious beliefs, it's pretty hard to make that argument.”

Opponents lobbying to defeat the marriage bill are counting on lawmakers such as Faust, Democrats who may sympathize with supporters but whose districts voted for a constitutional amendment last year which sought to define marriage as a heterosexual union. A yes vote for such lawmakers would put them at odds with their constituents.